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Customer feedback is a vital part of any business. With Deep Dive Reviews, you can monitor what your customers are saying about your products or service.

The majority of consumers will seek online reviews before engaging with a business. Those with a higher rating are far more likely to attract new business. By analysing your online reviews, you can maximise the potential of your product or service and create a better experience at every level.

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The four pillars of
Deep Dive Reviews

We break down our in-depth report into four crucial elements:

Product Analysis

Using our sophisticated analytics, you’ll be able to revaluate details of your product you may have previously overlooked. You’d be amazed how a customer’s perspective can shed light on an issue that had never occurred to you – and even compel you to alte

Employee efficiency

It’s those on the front line, representing your company that your customers are interacting with first. You need to ensure that the dialogue is clear and conducive to a stellar customer experience. With Deep Dive Review, you’ll be able to keep tabs on that vital interaction between business and client.

Customer Service

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated and having a direct feedback loop between you and your client is invaluable. With Deep Dive Reviews, you can gauge the levels of customer satisfaction – from user friendliness to technical support – and improve in areas you might be lacking.


Price points are hard and there’s no real way of forecasting how the market will respond to how you price your products. Hearing what customers have to say can be helpful for both current and future products.

Improve your business goals

You’ve got all this Deep Dive Review data, but how do you use it to boost sales?
Let us give you the lowdown.

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Campaign Expertise

Perhaps you’ve offered promotional discounts, but it hasn’t quite hit. Or maybe your mailshot hasn’t rallied your demographic in the way you envisioned. With the power of analytics, we can help.

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Competitor Tracking

It’s a real strength to learn from our mistakes, but why not learn from other business’s mistakes too? We can examine your competitor’s activity in the market, identify their flaws and use the information to bolster your business.

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Deep Dive

There are so many ways to respond to customer feedback – and it doesn’t begin and end at a simple apology. Embrace the negative reviews. They’re invaluable to the evolution of your business.

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Monitor Your Progress

Perfecting a business takes hard work and time. Every 3 to 6 months, we will look back at the systems we have implemented, reanalyse and improve again. Trust in the process and eventually you will see results.

How to get started?

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    Discuss Your Business

    In order to give you an in-depth, detailed report, we need know everything about your business. Once we go through it with a fine tooth comb, we can get to work crunching the numbers.

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    Gather Information

    Your network is key to identifying growth potential. Everything from the Rolodex to LinkedIn will be taken into account when finalising your initial Deep Dive report.

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    First up, we will create a trial report for you. This preliminary data will be based on 1000 reviews – or 10% of your online reviews.

Start maximising the potential of your business today.


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